shingle roof repair and restorationShingle roof repair and restoration doesn’t have to be back-breaking, or bank-breaking, work. Shingle Restore is a shingle roofing service that allows homeowners to have their roof repaired instead of replaced.

Why replace your shingle roof when only a small area is damaged? Save money and repair it!

For professional roofers, they will now have an edge over their competition. Any time you can provide a high quality service in less time and at a lower cost, you do more business.

The cause of damages to your roof may vary, but the results from our repair service will be the same: complete restoration. This type of roofing fix has been used by professional roofers for years.

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  • Shingle Roof Repair
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Shingle Roof Repair and Restoration Service

Shingle Restoration. If your surface is less than a decade old but still has damages, restore the shingles quickly to like-new condition. Shingle Restore can erase the damage done by storms, low-hanging tree branches and gives you beautiful and lasting results.

Hail Damaged Shingles. Hail stones are a major culprit of damage to shingle roofs. Even small hail stones can beat away the mineral granules that protect the shingle’s from drying out under the sun’s heat. Our patented process replaces the granules so that you don’t have to worry about weakening and breakages.

Storm Damaged Shingles. Severe weather can strike at any time and leave you with severe damage and terrible leaks. Our Shingle Restore service can repair light to moderate damage.

Wind Damaged Shingles. When wind-blown debris and low-hanging branches scrape against the mineral granules of your shingle roof, even small amounts of damage can lead to major leaks. If your roof is less than 10-years-old, you can use our service to replace missing granules instead of replacing the damaged shingles.

Shingle Roof Repair. Replacing a shingle roof because of small amounts of damage is no longer a necessity. Professional roofers are now using the same process to achieve lasting results.

Repair Worn Shingles. Updating tattered shingles is a simple process. We locate damages, apply the adhesive and replacement granules and seal it with the topcoat. The entire process is so strong, we have a US Patent on it.

Emergency Roof Repair. Leaks can happen at anytime. You shouldn’t have to wait days to get your roof fixed. Call us after any roofing emergency to get it fixed quickly and properly.

Shingle Roof Cost. Shingle roof repair and restoration is much more affordable than roof replacement. Our shingle roof restoration allows us to totally revive your damaged roof to like-new condition at half the cost of a replacement. No expensive, time-consuming tear-offs. No noisy installations. Just results.

For the best in shingle roof repair and restoration, trust in Shingle Restore. We offer a lifetime warranty to back it up, so call us now!

We supply shingle roof repair and restoration services to homeowners and professional roofers.

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