hail damaged shinglesHail damaged shingles can leak right away or cause problems suddenly down the road. You can be prepared for anything with Shingle Restore. A shingle roof repair process with 60 years of proven performance, it is strong enough to restore your surface to like-new condition.

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Repair Hail Damaged Shingles

When severe weather passes through a neighborhood, hail stones of any size can take their toll on asphalt shingles. A protective mineral granule coating stops the sun from drying out the asphalt and causing it to become brittle. Hail can chip away at the coating leaving your rooftop susceptible to leaks. Whether you are a homeowner who needs a leak fixed fast or roofer trying to stay ahead of the competition, Shingle Restore is right for you.

With a simple application process, we can restore hail damaged shingles fast. Once we’ve identified the areas that need repairs, we can systematically work through them. The process couldn’t be better or faster. By using our patented shingle repair process, hail damaged asphalt shingles can quickly be fixed and prevent leaks from popping up in the future.

Roof Restoration Benefits

Despite what many roofing companies would lead you to believe, most hail damaged shingles don’t need to be replaced. Restoring the shingles with our reliable repair process prevents you from spending unnecessary money. With a lifetime warranty, you are providing your family’s’ home with lasting security.

While traditional roofing companies make repairs to hail damaged shingles, clients are disrupted by noise and their yards are filled with debris. Excess nails can find their way into the landscaping setting them up for a potentially dangerous situation. With Shingle Restore, there is no noise and no nails. What you’ll get is what you need – a fast, long-lasting fix.

We supply hail damaged shingle repair services to homeowners and professional roofers.

Texas Hail Damaged Shingles

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