shingle restorationAsphalt shingle restoration is a more affordable method of fixing hail damaged roofs. While many roofing companies recommend replacing any shingle with damage, our patented shingle repair process allows you to restore shingles under 10 years old.

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Shingle Roof Restoration Services

Plenty of profession shingle restoration companies have claims on how to restore a roof to its former glory. But the truth is the only way to do it by re-coating it with the protective mineral granules. When asphalt shingles experience granulation loss through scraping tree branches or hailstorms, the rooftop is left exposed to the sun’s heat. These areas become brittle, break and leak.

Shingle Restore uses a powerful adhesive to attach the new granules to your shingles. A top coat seals them on and creates a like-new surface. The entire process can be done to match the existing granules for a more seamless look. It protects the surface from the sun and keeps leaks out.

Because the repair is so strong, our shingle restoration comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, it makes it more affordable for homeowners and professionals, because it doesn’t require a tear-off process. Also, The entire repair is much faster than the average shingle roof restoration service so it costs less for time and labor.

Shingle Roof Restoration Cost

When leaks spring into the home, it’s rarely expected. If you’re a homeowner, roof repair probably wasn’t in your budget. If you’re a roofer, finding more cost-effective strategies is always good for your bottom line. And the bottom line here is that this shingle restoration service can cost half the price of a roof replacement. Don’t pass up on giant savings.

We provide shingle restoration and repair services to homeowners and professional roofers.

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