storm damaged shinglesStorm damaged shingles can quickly be repaired with Shingle Restore. When hail and high winds have caused damages that lead to leaks, turn to our service for fast, reliable results. We’re so sure you’ll be happy with the results, we back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Don’t Let Storm Damaged Shingles cause irreparable damage to your home. Call Shingle Restore now!

Repair Storm Damaged Shingles

Many traditional storm damaged shingles repair companies lean toward replacement over restoration. That’s because they don’t know about our patented process. Asphalt shingles are coated in mineral granules that protect them drying out and becoming brittle due to the sun’s heat. Hail, wind-blown debris and low-hanging branches can scrape away the granules and leave your surface vulnerable.

While the average hail storm damages just 10-15 percent of your rooftop – a handful of shingles per square – a roofer may recommend roof replacement. That includes an expensive tear off, throwing away hundreds of perfectly good shingles and starting from scratch. Costly and wasteful, Shingle Restore offers the perfect alternative so you don’t have to replace storm damaged shingles.

Our shingle repair service allows us to restore the missing granules which makes the shingle like new. The application process is reliable enough to be trusted by experienced, licensed professionals. We simply have to locate the storm damaged shingles, apply an industrial-strength adhesive, the replacement mineral granules, and a top coat to seal them on.

Storm Damaged Shingle Repair Service

Originally designed for commercial and government applications and found effective for over 60 years, it was reformulated for residential roofing purposes. The best way to restore storm damaged shingles fast for homeowners and professionals, alike, is Shingle Restore.

We provide our roof repair services for storm damaged shingles to homeowners and professional roofers.

Texas Storm Damaged Shingles

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