wind damage shinglesWind damaged shingles can be restored to like-new condition with a patented process that’s very affordable.

Broken Or Wind Damaged Shingles Are Repaired Quickly and Easily. Call Shingle Restore Today!

Shingle Restore allows homeowners to reap the benefits of re-laminate damaged asphalt shingles which gives them new life. Lasting results make this a trusted resource for professional roofers.

Repair Wind Damaged Shingles

The mineral granule coating is the first line of protection for your shingles against the effects of the sun. High winds are a major factor in degranulation. They cause low-hanging branches to scrape against the rooftop and remove granules with each pass.

They can also cause everyday objects to become wind-blown projectiles. When they impact your roof, like hail, it can chip away a small portion of the granules. Even a dime-sized bald spot is a recipe for disaster.

With our system, you don’t have to replace wind damaged shingles. This guaranteed process allows us to apply the our patented process to a damaged area and restore the granule coating. We are known for having the best process for fixing wind damages shingles is fast.

The addition of the new granules adds a layer of protection to your surface without the hassle and expense of complete replacement. For professional roofers, this patented roof repair system is a game changer. While other roofing services will suggest the expensive replacements, you’ll be able to offer them a practical solution at a fraction of the cost.
For homeowners, this allows you to have your wind damaged shingles fixed instead of replaced and save on labor costs.

On light to moderate wind damaged shingles, we provide a lifetime warranty and a 400-degree heat rating, so you can feel confident about getting lasting results.

We supply roofing services to repair wind damaged shingles to homeowners and professional roofers.

Texas Wind Damaged Shingles

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